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New book- “SERBIA TODAY”: Milorad Stamenović, Branislav Gulan, Branko Dragaš, 2017

korica Srbija Danas

KNJIGA ZA DOWNLOAD Srbija Danas 2017_Stamenovic,Gulan&Dragaš   PREFACE Book Serbia Today - Contemporary aspects of neoliberalism, economy, demography, healthcare, security and transition, presents the scientific-professional book about contemporary aspects of Serbian economy and politics in the areas of importance for the Republic of Serbia and its further development. When authors emphasise "areas of importance" , please note that those areas are limited by...

book “Promises and Expectations – Trading on the International Forex Market”, Banatski Kulturni Centar, 2016

LINK ZA DOWNLOAD KNJIGE DOLE Obećanja i očekivanja 2016_Gulan&Stamenović   book "Promises and Expectations - Trading on the International Forex Market", Banatski Kulturni Centar, 2016 Today, as in the past half century, the Republic of Serbia is constantly in the unfinished reforms. Due to the difficult economic situation in which Serbia was located, the Government had to conclude a stand-by agreement with the...

The book “Roots” – Branislav Gulan 1999

knjiga Koreni Branislav Gulan

The book "Roots" - Branislav Gulan 1999

Books “Agroevolution”2016 i “Serbian heritage”2013- author dr Mladen Mirić

Agroevolucija knjiga

Books "Agroevolution" i "Serbian heritage" - author dr Mladen Mirić Dr MLADEN MIRIC - biography Mladen Miri (born in 1942 in Lika - Korenica, and lived in Bako and Belgrade), agronomist, seed specialist, doctor of science, studied and doctorate at Faculty of Agriculture, University of Novi Sad, who was a scholarship holder. He was employed in the seed company "Elan" (Srbobran), from 1967-1977. He worked...

book: “Death of Nations” – James Leigh, Predrag Vukovic 2017

death of nations

book: "Death of Nations" - James Leigh, Predrag Vukovic   “DEATH OF NATIONS in post-American World Geopolitics” is a provocative book which may change your world view. From a realist geopolitical view, the authors forecast that the present fragmenting world is leaving globalization to move to continent-wide civilizational superpowers – all on the Eurasian World Island – and competing for control of...

Book: “Health economics and management “, Institute for agriculture economics

Zdravstvena ekonomija i menadzment / Health economics and management

Project - book -"Health economics and management " is started with Institute for agriculture economics who will be authorized as publisher of the book. Proposed authors are: Prof. Dr. Mihajlo Jakovljević, University of Kragujevac, Hosei University of Tokyo and University of Washington, Prof. Dr. Zlatko Maksimović from the University of East Sarajevo and a member of the Assembly of the...

The book “Serbia in the 19th century seen by Foreigners”, Prometej

The book "Serbia in the 19th century seen by Foreigners"

the book: All faces of opposition, author Zoran Stojiljkovic

sva lica opozicije_Zoran Stojiljkovic

the book: All faces of opposition, author Zoran Stojiljkovic

the book: Agricultural cooperatives in Serbia – Published by SASA and Institute for economics of agriculture

Vodič kroz zadrugarstvo_SANU_2017

the book: Agricultural cooperatives in Serbia - Published by SASA and Institute for economics of agriculture

The Book: “DESTINY OF TAKEN ASSETS”, Branislav Gulan, 2015

New book by Branislav GULAN, journalist, publicist and writer DESTINY OF TAKEN OF PROPERTIES In the book, the author dealt with three areas: restitution, church and cooperative property Introduction RESTITUTION - The successors of the property, seized and abducted after the Second World War, waited for more than six and a half decades to pass the Restitution and Restitution Act. The Republic of Serbia...